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About Us

BuildLand Holding., located in Yazd in Iran, has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality plastic products including Greenhouse Nylon, Agricultural Nylon, Stretch, Shrink, and Nylex (Plastic Shopping Bag) for many years.

Our mission is to achieve global performance and standards in what we do to maintain our leading brand in the Greenhouse Nylon and other plastic products.

We pledge to provide the finest high-quality products for our customers.

BuildLand Holding is a rapidly growing plastic products trading company in the region. We are very much adept in international market development. We have a long and good experience of working in export and our company recognizes as one of the first and best plastic products supplier and exporter.

The main goal of our company is to satisfy customers and achieve the best performance at the level of international relations by providing high quality products and services as well as customer orientation.

We, as a leading company in the field of export of petrochemical products with a brilliant history in this field, have been able to provide a reliable brand with high quality services and products at reasonable prices and customer orientation.

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Mission and Vision



We believe that BuildLand company’s mission is to offer high quality services and products to the customers with the aim of honesty and commitment at work. Identifying the best opportunities and the right investment, BuildLand Co. tries to supply and export its products with high quality by using innovative technology to achieve customer satisfaction. In fact, we export the best products at reasonable prices to all customers anywhere in the world by using specialized human resources with high knowledge and experience in this field. Our goal is to grow and gain good reputation in this field. We recognize our obligations towards the environment and corporate social responsibility and seek to reduce any adverse effects on our environment.


BuildLand’s goal is to maintain its quality and service, to follow the continuous growth trend based on its goals and to maintain long-term and satisfactory relationships with its global customers. Therefore, we are determined to become the most reputable and reliable trading company in the region.


BuildLand Co. predicts the best market opportunities and makes the most of them. Honesty, dynamism, expertise and flexibility are some of the factors that make us unique compared to others and allow us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. We believe in the following values as the basic principles of our organization:

  • Dealing honestly with all customers and related companies
  • Commitment and responsibility in dealing with global customers
  • Supply and export of first-class construction products with the best method of packaging and transportation