Adhesive Backed Nylon

Nylons play a significant role in packaging and their characteristics have led to various types of nylons in the packaging industry covering multiple products. One of the types of nylon that is widely used in different sectors is Adhesive Backed Nylon. Adhesive Backed Nylon is a nylon that has adhesive properties on one side and can be used on various surfaces including ceramic, aluminum, glass, steel, etc.

Application of Adhesive Backed Nylon

Due to its low thickness, adhesive backed nylon creates a very good coverage and can cover the entire product. The purpose of using this product is to protect the product as much as possible until it reaches the consumer. Protecting the sensitive surfaces of goods against environmental damage such as scratches, dust, and moisture is the most important reason for using this nylon.

This product can protect the goods against physical and chemical factors during production and transportation. For this reason, adhesive backed nylon is a suitable product for many industries such as construction, automotive, and home appliances. Adhesive back plastic applications can be used to create a protective coating for glass sheets, composite and galvanized sheets, mirrored stainless steel sheeting, decorative sheets, UPVC profiles, aluminum doors and windows, car bodies, etc.

Advantages of Using Adhesive Backed Nylon

  • Maintaining the color and attractiveness of the product
  • Avoid scratches on the surface of the product
  • Protecting the product against dust and moisture

Many layers are used in the production of adhesive backed nylon, of which three-layer and five-layer nylon are the most common. The higher the number of layers used in its production, the more impact resistance it will show.
The most important factors that determine the quality of adhesive backed nylon are the quality of raw materials, the quality of glue, and the quality of printing. The raw materials used in the production of this product must be high quality, transparent and resistant. The glue used in it should be such that it does not peel off easily and does not leave a stain or mark on the product if it is removed.

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