Aggregate materials are used in construction to combine with cement, bitumen, lime and gypsum to make concrete or mortar. Aggregate leads to volume, stability, wear or erosion resistance and many other desirable properties for the final products. Cement is a brittle material in its pure state, but when used with aggregate, the durability and stability of concrete is significantly increased.

Aggregates are extracted from mines. Aggregates lead to the strengthening of building materials. Therefore, it is used as a solid foundation. But the important thing is that the aggregates must be clean, firm and free of any additives such as chemicals or clay. Otherwise, aggregates can reduce the quality of concrete.

Aggregates can be classified according to their size, origin and composition. Aggregate materials are obtained from natural mines of sand or gravel, mines, sediments and underground sediments. Examples of aggregate materials are:

  • Crushed stone – These products are obtained by extracting stones and crushing them to the desired size and texture,
  • Sand is found in nature. It is a fine compound of rock material and mineral particles. It can be used to build roads or to make concrete,
  • Recycled Concrete – Recycled concrete is obtained by breaking, grinding or cutting existing concrete as desired.

Application of Aggregate:

  • As roadway base course
  • In Portland cement Concrete
  • In asphalt concrete
  • In railroad ballast
  • In erosion control
  • In water filtration and sewage treatment processes
  • In foundations, walls, floors, roofs of buildings


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