Agricultural Nylon or Wide Agricultural Nylon

Using agricultural nylon or wide agricultural nylon also causes a great revolution in the agricultural industry. In the past, farmers did not have the necessary tools for agriculture, and with small changes in the weather, they face many problems and worries for fear of spoiling their crops. With the introduction of agricultural nylons, farmers no longer have these problems and can enjoy the joy of farming by using the right technology.

For about 20 years, agricultural nylon has been used in various agricultural sectors. Agriculture plays an important role in water consumption and the optimization of water resources. The use of these nylons has been great in increasing agricultural productivity. These nylons have different types and different services.

Agricultural nylon or wide agricultural nylon is used in the agriculture and construction industry for covering. Wide nylon has different types in terms of color, thickness, and width, each of which has its characteristics. One of the ways to increase the quality of wide nylon is to increase the number of its layers, which increases the thickness.
This type of nylon is used to cover greenhouses, grow different plants such as mushrooms, and cover different parts of semi-finished buildings.

Features of Agricultural Nylon (Wide Agricultural Nylon)

Among the applications of agricultural nylon, the following can be mentioned:

This type of nylon has the property of absorbing infrared rays (IR Absorber), which is used to prevent greenhouse temperature loss at night. Another property that wide nylon has is its anti-static property, which reduces dust settling on the product.  Also, in the greenhouse environment, the absence of water vapor on the roof is very important, and wide nylon can prevent the creation of vapor.

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Different Types of Agricultural Nylon

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