Bitumen is a black and pasty material that is used in asphalt construction and other different fields. There are different types of bitumen and each type of bitumen has a specific features and application. Bitumen is a derivative of oil and is often produced in oil refineries.

As you know the color of Bitumen is a black to dark brown hydrocarbon. Another features of bitumen are dissolving completely in carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride. Bitumen is solid at ambient temperature. As the temperature rises, it becomes a paste and then liquefies.

The important use of bitumen is due to the existence of two significant properties of this material;

  • Waterproof
  • Adhesion

Iran is the fourth largest producer of bitumen in the world and its production capacity is 5 million tons of bitumen per year. In fact, due to the excellent quality and very reasonable price of Iranian bitumen, it has made it one of the most famous and most demanded bitumen in the world. Iran can be considered the first exporter of bitumen in the Middle East. Iranian bitumen has been exported to many major markets in the world such as the Middle East, East Asia, Africa and Europe.
Bitumen has different types such as:

  • Penetration Bitumen,
  • Viscosity Grade Bitumen,
  • Cutback Bitumen.



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