Bleaching Liquid

Bleaching Liquid 


Getting to know how bleaching liquid work is essential; Because these materials are widely used in house cleaning and clothes cleaning. So you need to know how to use it correctly. These detergents are widely used even in industries and medicine, But the way industrial bleaches work is largely different from their home types.

Javal water or sodium hypochlorite, which is called bleaching liquid and has a solid smell, is a solution that is used for disinfecting, whitening, and deodorizing.

One of the main uses of bleaching liquid is to disinfect surfaces and destroy fungi, bacteria, and viruses. For this reason, this product is used in sewage treatment. A very important point in using this substance to disinfect surfaces is to pay attention to its corrosive and oxidizing properties. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the contact of bleaching liquid with the skin of the body.

Bleaching liquid is used for washing white clothes and fabrics, faucets and generally cleaning the house. But you should note that you should never use this bleaching liquid for clothes or colored fabrics. Also, when using bleach, do not mix it with any other solution.

Characteristics of Bleaching Liquid:

  • Whitener and disinfectant for all types of surfaces and clothes,
  • Suitable for bathrooms, sinks and dishwashers, walls and floors, tiles and ceramics,
  • Can be used for white clothes and porcelain and melamine dishes,
  • Destroys germs and bacteria

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