Body Shampoo


What is Body Shampoo?

It is among the detergent and cleaning products that are used to wash the body in the bathroom. The ingredients in the body shampoo are relatively mild and those with dry and sensitive skin should definitely use the body shampoo.

Why Should We Use Body Shampoo?

There are various body washes in the market, one of the oldest of which is soap. Soaps are alkaline and this makes the skin dry. Now suppose that your skin is dry, using these soaps will make your skin drier and seriously damaged. Therefore, it is best to use non-soap detergents or softeners.

Body shampoo cleans the skin and improves its health over time. Some body shampoos contain vitamin E and other nutrients that are very beneficial for the skin. Many others also contain moisturizers, in other words, unlike soap, using them will not dry out the skin. On the other hand, body shampoo is less abrasive than soap and reduces the risk of redness and skin irritation in people with dry or sensitive skin.

Using body shampoo helps to hydrate and add essential oils to the skin, which protects the skin, especially in cold weather. In addition to cleaning the skin, body shampoo also helps to maintain its health and vitality; In other words, the use of body shampoo is not only limited to removing pus and skin impurities, but this detergent also prevents damage to fat and skin cells. All types of body shampoos do not harm the skin tissues due to their liquid and soft state during use and do not leave skin irritations such as redness and staining.

Features of High-Quality Body Shampoo

According to studies, a high-quality body shampoo should contain ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the skin, such as coconut oil, glycerin, etc. Note that body shampoo is more hygienic than other detergents such as body soap because it is inside a closed bottle and does not come in contact with the surrounding environment, and several people can use it at the same time.

Be careful that the more lather you use in the body shampoo, the more alkaline it is, so it’s better to use body shampoos with less lather so that your skin doesn’t get dry. Therefore, the body shampoo should have high moisturizing properties. Body shampoo, like hair shampoo, has a lot of variety and each shampoo is made for a specific type of body skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right shampoo for your skin so as not to damage your skin cells and tissues.

So, the difference between body shampoo and other detergents, such as soap, is that body shampoo has milder ingredients than soap and is less drying to the skin. Because glycerin is generally not used in soaps due to the high cost of glycerin, while body shampoos, due to their formulation and production process and their liquid nature, contain glycerin, whose pH is very close to the pH of the skin.

Therefore, you should be careful in choosing body shampoo; Get it from a reliable place and be sure that the type of product is of high and suitable quality.

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