Important Points about Cement and its Specification 

Cement is one of the most important and widely used building materials. It is considered a bonding agent that adheres to other building materials such as stone, brick, tile, etc., and becomes rigid. Cement contains some material such as sand or clay (silicon), bauxite (aluminum), and iron ore, and may contain crust, gypsum, marl, shale, clay, blast furnace slag, or slate.

Cement is a kind of dry powdered material obtained by calcination of lime and clay. This type of material is mixed with water to form a mortar to adhere to other building materials. Cement is also mixed with sand, gravel and water and used in concrete structures. High-quality cement, after hardening, provides sufficient strength to erect large industrial structures.

Cement is corrosive to metals and therefore any metal that comes in contact with cement must be corrosion resistant.

Cement has Different Types such as:

  1. Portland Cement (Type 1-425)
  2. Portland Cement (Type 1-525)
  3. Cement Class G- (Type HSR)
  4. Portland Cement (Type 2)
  5. White Cement
  6. Grey Cement

How to Recognize High Quality Cement?!

High quality cement has significant characteristics that can be identified by considering the following points of quality cement.

  • High quality cement is gray or greenish gray.
  • High quality cement never smells like soil when mixed with water.
  • High quality cement is soft and has no aggregates.
  • High quality cement does not settle quickly when mixed with water.

It should be noted that paying attention to the expiration date of cement is necessary and the maximum time you can keep the cement unused is 90 days. After that, the cement loses its quality and strength.

Cement Prices

Cement is one of the products that have many applications. As a result, there is a lot of demand for this product. Therefore, the price of cement is an important issue. With reasonable pricing, along with the principles of quality control of cement quality, BuildLand Company has eased customers’ worries about buying.

Cement Transportation

Proper transportation of cement, if ignored in companies, will cause a lot of damage. BuildLand Company pays special attention to this matter and uses the appropriate vehicle for transportation, in accordance with the type of cement packaging, and after purchasing the cement, it has relieved the customer’s imagination from its transportation.


Why Us?

We are one of the largest export companies in Iran and we offer the best and highest quality building materials including cement, clinker, kaolin, gypsum, etc. with the best price and desirable quality to our customers.

Cement products

For more information on how to pay, product analysis and transporting the products, as well as issues related to international trade and the final price, you can contact us through the numbers which are available on the website or our social networks.

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