Clear Soap

It is a soap that is obtained from a suitable mixture of fat and fatty acids with a strong alkaline solution and by adding suitable additives such as alcohols, sugar, glycerin, etc. to the soap ingredients, it becomes a clear soap that can transmit light. In fact, clear soaps should be formulated in such a way that they have high cleaning power like other types of soap.

There are different types of clear soaps, such as clear soaps containing glycerin, and clear soaps containing plant oils such as lavender, etc. Each type of this soap is suitable for a specific type of skin. So, you should choose clear soap according to your skin type.

Clear soap leads to the beauty and health of your skin due to its different compositions compared to other soaps and due to the use of oils and natural materials such as glycerin in its manufacture. These types of soaps are very popular and will not harm your skin. In fact, high-quality clear soaps do not change color in any way, do not dry the skin, and do not lose their cleansing power over time.
BuildLand Company has used all its power in supplying and exporting various types of detergents and cleaning materials such as transparent soap so that the best type of product reaches the hands of customers all over the world.

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