Carbonate minerals include calcite, aragonite, and dolomite. This rock is the result of the deposition of minerals such as magnesium oxide and lime and other cations such as iron oxide, sodium, and potassium, and its chemical formula is CaMg (CO3) 2.

Dolomite can be found in cream and grayish-white colors, but there are other colors such as yellow, green, and black. This stone has a higher degree of hardness and is more resistant than other carbonate stones. Among carbonate rocks, dolomite is the most widely used due to its mineral properties, as well as the presence of highly used minerals.

It is important to note that Iran is one of the countries that produce dolomite. Due to the diversity and high quality of this type of mineral, Iran can be considered a prominent supplier and exporter of dolomite of this mineral.

Application of Dolomite

Due to the many properties and applications of dolomite, most suppliers supply it in the form of crushed stone, raw stone, or sand. In fact, dolomite is used in various industries due to its white color, different purity, solubility, and good hardness. It is also more resistant to the acidic content of rain and soil due to its lower solubility. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in the chemical industry and as a soil conditioner.


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