Gypsum plaster is another type of gypsum and is known as a sulfate mineral composed of CaSO4.2H2O calcium sulfate. The most common application of gypsum plaster powder is in building materials. Instead of Portland cement, gypsum is used as a binder. Gypsum plaster is a white cementitious material that hardens when mixed with water. This material can be applied on the surface of blocks, bricks, or concrete to form a smooth surface. You do not need sand to use this type of Gypsum plaster. It is only necessary to add water. It offers excellent acoustic and thermal properties.
Gypsum plaster is a good base for good quality paints. It can be applied on a smooth and uneven wall surface. Gypsum plaster is easily applied. Also, this type of plaster easily covers all Wall cracks.

In fact, there are different types of plaster. We mention some types of gypsum-based plasters (GYPSIN) here:

  • Siva (Hand Plaster)
  • Gypsum Spray Plaster (Gyps Shot)
  • Super Gypsum

There are two types of gypsum plaster based on the amount of heat:

  • Anhydrite gypsum – is produced by heating gypsum to a temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius.
  • Hemihydrate gypsum – is produced by heating gypsum to a temperature of more than 170 degrees Celsius

Features of Gypsum Plaster

  •  Gypsum plaster is light-weight
  •  Unlike cement, gypsum plaster does not shrink during the drying and hardening processes.
  •  Gypsum plaster is less prone to cracking.
  •  Gypsum is non-combustible and acts as a barrier in case of fire.
  •  Gypsum plaster increases the durability of metal joints and prevents them from rusting.
  • Gypsum plaster has a high tensile strength.

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