Garbage Bag Plastic

Garbage Bag Plastic

Waste production is an issue that has always been the concern of many people and environmentalists. Therefore, the garbage bag for collecting garbage is one of the required products, it is used in different places today. In addition to being used in homes, these bags are also used in other places such as schools, universities, restaurants, hospitals, parks, etc.
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How to Recognize the Quality of Garbage Bags?

Garbage bag raw materials

Usually, in the production of garbage bags, either high-quality raw materials are used, or low-quality recycled materials. This is why some garbage bags have an unpleasant smell and tear easily.

The amount of resistance and elasticity of the garbage bag

One of the important things is the amount of resistance of the garbage bag against a heavyweight and its elasticity. The more layers used to produce the garbage bag, the more tolerance it has. There are usually one, two, or three-layer bags in the market.

There are different types of garbage bags and each one is used for different purposes. In addition to the garbage bag that is used in all places and is used for collecting garbage, there is another type of garbage bag that is used in hospitals and that is the hospital garbage bag.

What is a Hospital Waste Bag?

This type of waste bag is used to dispose of medical waste that has biological risks, it is usually yellow and is used to collect infectious waste and prevent the spread of infection in the environment. Hospital waste bags are also produced in other colors such as red, white, blue, and brown, each color indicating a specific use.

What is the difference between a hospital garbage bag and a garbage bag plastic?

In most cases, low-quality but light and strong raw materials are used for the production of garbage bag plastic, which is the reason for their type of application. But for the hospital waste bag, first-grade raw materials must be used with high thickness, so that pathogenic residues are not able to penetrate in any way.

Thickness and High Strength of Hospital Plastic

One of the most important items in the production of hospital waste bags is resistance and bearing high weight because they should not tear or corrode under pressure and high weight. Therefore, these types of bags should be made of materials that will not tear under any circumstances. It is also possible to print on these types of bags.


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