Gypsum Powder 

Gypsum is a natural aqueous calcium sulfate that is found in relatively thick forms in the earth’s crust and is used after extraction. After the gypsum is extracted from the mine, it is taken to the furnace like lime, then heated to a temperature of nearly 180 degrees Celsius. Because natural gypsum contains Calcium, Sulfur, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, it loses some of its water molecules and turns into the form of gypsum that can be used as building and molding materials. With the special mills, gypsum is grounded into a powder and sold in bags or bulk. It should be noted that high-quality gypsum powders should be smaller than 0.15 mm.

So, we explain one of the best types of gypsum, gypsum powder mesh 200 here.

What is Gypsum Powder Mesh 200?

Gypsum powder mesh 200 has been used since ancient times and is one of the most important adhesive building materials used in interior linings, decorative plastering, molding, whitewashing, etc. Gypsum is a soft, white mineral rock that is processed to make a dry powder. Gypsum powder mesh 200 has a lot of applications and it is mainly used in building materials such as drywall.

Gypsum powder mesh 200 is the same plaster with high mesh. High granularity makes the product extremely soft and creates smooth and polished surfaces with high scratch resistance. The only difference between Gypsum powder mesh 200 and ordinary plaster whitewash is in the grinding process by a gypsum powder grinding mill. In the production of Gypsum powder mesh 200, a separator mill with the ability to adjust the granulation is used. In addition to the construction industry, Gypsum powder mesh 200 is used in other industries such as molding, tooling, and sculpture.

Features of Gypsum Powder Mesh 200

As mentioned, this type of gypsum has a very soft granularity and is the basis for the production of plasters with additives and polymers. This type of gypsum powder creates solid surfaces after drying.
Due to the uniformity of the granulation, it does not need to be sieved. gypsum powder mesh 200 has higher primary and secondary adhesion than other types of plaster and is the best plaster for bleaching.

In general, the characteristics of gypsum powder mesh 200 are as follows:

  • This type of gypsum powder can be used without the need for a sieve.
  • The color of this type of gypsum powder is completely white and clear.
  • It is very economical.
  • By using this gypsum powder, the plasterer has enough time to implement the design and pattern on the wall.

The Method of Producing Gypsum Powder Mesh 200 is as Follows:

Gypsum powder mesh 200 is a smooth white powder that is created by heating gypsum. It is prepared from gypsum ore by using a grinder.

  • First, gypsum is extracted in the mine and crushed into smaller particles with a diameter of 2 inches.
  • The moisture present in gypsum is removed by drying process either in a rotary dryer or heated roller mill.
  • The next step is to transfer crushed gypsum stones to the gypsum mill.
  • The powder obtained from crushing the gypsum stone is poured into the special gypsum sieve. For this purpose, gypsum sieves with different numbers and sizes of holes are used. Therefore, the smaller the number of holes on the sieve, the finer mesh gypsum powder is obtained.
  • Finally, a sieve with a fine hole is used for 200 mesh gypsum powder.

Therefore, gypsum powder, in addition to its many benefits and uses in the construction industry, has also been highly regarded in the plastering. It is worth mentioning that gypsum powder is produced in different sizes, but the smaller the particle size of gypsum powder, the higher its quality.

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