It is interesting to know that the annual production of Iranian gypsum reaches 13 million tons, which is 10% of the total world production. The United States ranked first in gypsum production in 2021 and the next-largest global gypsum producer was Iran. By producing gypsum, Iran supplies most of the gypsum needed by the world for construction and reconstruction in the Middle East. Among the cities that are considered the main location of gypsum reserves in Iran, we can mention the provinces of Semnan, Qom, Yazd, and Khorasan.

Gypsum is another widely used building material that is in great demand for this type of mineral. In fact, gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral that is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. This mineral is mined all over the world and has many uses. Gypsum is used as fertilizer, building materials, medicinal purposes and food additives. Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral that is mostly found in the form of marine sedimentary rocks. These sediments are present in crystalline and non-crystalline forms, that’s why gypsum is considered environmentally friendly.

Features of Gypsum

Another interesting thing about gypsum is that gypsum has a lot of water and is released when exposed to extreme heat. This feature has led to the construction of gypsum materials to prevent fire.

Gypsum is used in the manufacture of cement, wall boards, Plaster of Paris, soil conditioners, and hardening retarders in Portland cement. Gypsum powder mixed with water hardens like a stone when it dries. Gypsum is easy to cut due to its flexibility and can be used to decorate walls. Gypsum is also fire resistant.

Gypsum has Different Types:

  • Raw (Rock Gypsum)
  • Gypsum Plaster
  • Crystal Gypsum



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Gypsum Products

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