Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Hand dishwashing liquid is one of the detergents that is widely used in washing dishes. This type of dishwashing liquid has a different composition from the dishwashing liquid used in a dishwasher.
In any case, the hand dishwashing liquid must be of high quality due to direct contact with the skin of the hands. Here we mention some features of a high-quality hand dishwashing liquid.

  • Hand dishwashing liquid must have a high cleaning power. Due to the use of chemical compounds such as surfactants, dishwashing liquid removes grease and dirt from dishes quickly and completely.
  • Hand dishwashing liquid should be thick and economical.
  • Hand dishwashing liquid should have a high foaming power.
  • Hand dishwashing liquid should have a neutral pH and not cause damage and irritation to the skin of the hands.
  • A high-quality hand dishwashing liquid should be easily removed by washing the dishes. The foam produced on the dishes should be easily cleaned.
  • Hand dishwashing liquid should have a good aroma and eliminate the smell of unwashed dishes.

Hand dishwashing liquid is available in half, one, three, and four-liter packages in the market, which is suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, halls, hotels, dining halls, etc.

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