Technically, we can say that industrial paint is a product that is presented in the form of liquid or powder and is applied to the surfaces with a suitable process. It must be turned into a solid state, plastic or glue, by the method of baking, which can perform the task of protection and decoration at the same time.

A variety of industrial paints are used everywhere. They protect a wide range of products from corrosion, abrasion and rot, as well as give a beautiful appearance to the surface coating.


This type of industrial paint creates a glossy and resistant coating.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxies are very durable. Exceptional thickness enables them to withstand air and abrasion.

Acrylic Coatings

Due to its suitability in maintaining its color despite outdoor exposure, this type of coating is used as a coating for the exterior surface.

The use of industrial paints in industrial environments and products

Industrial paints are used with the aim of protecting surfaces, protecting tools and equipment against various environmental factors such as humidity, weather conditions, continuous contact with water, fire, industrial solvents, etc.

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