Laminated Nylon

Laminated nylon is a protective coating layer that can be used on all kinds of cloth and nylon bags. This coating is connected to the bag or sack by stitching or pressing and laminated nylon is produced. These nylons are used in the packaging of various food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, sanitary and cosmetic industries. Laminated nylon is also known as a moisture barrier bag.

What is Laminated Nylon?

Laminated nylon refers to all kinds of sacks and bags that are covered with a laminate layer from the inside. The laminated layer prevents the penetration of moisture and any kind of dust into the sack.

Features of Laminated Nylon

These nylons are waterproof and consist of two outer and inner layers. The inner layer is made of laminate and the outer layer consists of chemical polymers.
Among the distinctive features of nylon laminates, the following can be mentioned:

  • High flexibility
  • High resistance to pressure and heat
  • Variety in color, size, and thickness
  • Preventing the creation of unpleasant odors inside the product packaging
  • High resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • Resistance to tearing and high heat
  • Affordable and suitable price

Application of Laminated Nylon

Laminated nylon is used for packing agricultural products such as rice, tea, corn, dried fruits, fruits, and vegetables. Laminated sacks are also used in packing chemical fertilizers and other petrochemical products. These nylons are widely used in geotechnical engineering for the construction of roads, railways, mines, and construction.

According to its features and properties, laminated nylon is classified into two types: Cold Laminating Film and Hot Laminating Film. cold laminating film is made of soft and thin material and has different shapes, and hot laminating film can be produced in two forms, matte or glossy, and has a greater width and thickness than cold laminating film. The hot laminating film has more uses than cold laminating film and is more affordable in terms of price.

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