Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent


We all use laundry detergent to clean and wash our clothes. Laundry powder and liquid are available in two types, hand-washing powder, and washing machine powder.
Clothes come in different colors and textures, and it is necessary to consider their color, material, and texture for washing clothes. Therefore, we must choose a washing liquid or powder that is completely suitable for the type of our clothes. Washing powder and liquid are available for colored clothes, white clothes, black and dark clothes, and even children’s clothes. Of course, there are differences between washing liquid and washing powder, which we will discuss later.

The Difference Between Washing Powder and Washing Liquid

Washing powder or washing liquid are both special detergents for washing clothes and fabrics. The first detergent for hand-washing and machine washing produced in the world is a powder detergent that is produced by combining some chemicals.

Currently, with the addition of enzymes and stronger compounds, the cleaning power of the powder has increased more than before. After the production of washing powder, washing liquid was also produced so it is necessary to use the washing liquid in a measuring cup. The best laundry detergent is determined based on consumer criteria. You should choose your washing powder or liquid based on the type of fabric, the type and amount of stain, the color of the clothes, and the strength of the clothes fibers. Washing powder needs more time to dissolve well in water and this is because of its granularity, but washing liquid needs less time to dissolve well and clean the clothes.

Another thing that is significant in choosing the type of washing powder or liquid is the cleaning power. If you have stubborn stains on your clothes that cannot be removed by normal washing, you should use stronger detergents. Due to the high level of enzymes and degreasing chemical compounds, powder detergents are cleaner than liquids.

In general, the use of laundry liquid is recommended only for clothes with normal stains. Therefore, washing white clothes or clothes with stubborn stains using the best washing powder will give you a more satisfactory result. Another important thing to consider when choosing a washing powder or liquid is the scent of these types of products. The washing powder has a good aroma and smell, but more chemical compounds are used, but the washing liquid has more natural compounds and the scent of natural flowers.

It is also necessary to use washing liquid to prevent the colors of clothes from fading. Due to its high cleaning power, washing powder causes the color of black and dark clothes to fade over time and damages the texture of the clothes to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary not to use washing powder for all your clothes.

With all the things mentioned in the above section, the type of laundry detergent can be determined. Washing liquid and powder each have their advantages and their use depends on the needs and budget of the customers.

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