One of the most important and valuable metals is lead, a widely used metal that is used in various industries. This metal plays a fundamental role in the economic structure of every country for the production and completion of all kinds of industrial products. Lead and zinc are always mixed in nature, and lead and zinc ingots are widely used in various industries, including the construction industry.

Lead is a strategic metal. Because most urban and military activities rely on the energy stored in lead-acid batteries. There are also lead and zinc mines in different countries.

Lead Ore

Galena, a lead sulfide (PbS) mineral, is the most important mineral. This ore contains 86% lead. The composition of lead ingots is:

  • Lead oxide
  • Lead halides
  • Lead carbonate
  • Lead acetate

What Is Lead Ingot?

Lead ingot is a soft and malleable metal that is considered a heavy metal. Lead ingots have different shapes and are used in the form of balls, rods, or blocks according to a specific application in construction, offshore industry, aerospace industry, and various industries.

With its resistance to corrosion and low temperature, lead ingot has many uses in many products such as lead-acid batteries, cables, bearings, and also in the construction industry.

Properties and Characteristics of Pure Lead Ingot

Lead is shiny metal and its color is usually bluish. This soft and very malleable metal is a weak conductor of electricity. It is very resistant to corrosion, but its color becomes dull when exposed to air and moisture.


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