Lignite Coal

Lignite Coal

What is coal? Coal is actually a type of combustible sedimentary rock that is black or brown and contains large amounts of carbon and hydrocarbons. This material is one of the non-renewable fuels because their production and formation takes millions of years. On average, about 40% of the world’s electricity is produced from coal.

There are four main types of coal, and these different types of coal are associated with stages of “coalification” where the material becomes denser, drier, harder, and richer in carbon. These four types of coal are:

  • Anthracite,
  • Bituminous,
  • Subbituminous,
  • Lignite

What is Lignite Coal?

Lignite coal, often refer to brown coal, is a type of coal that is brownish black in color and is one of the types of coal that can be used in certain cases due to its properties and characteristics. This kind of coal is the best brown coal. This coal has a lower percentage of carbon than other types of coal and therefore has a more reasonable price.

Brown coal or lignite has about 25% to 35% carbon, and in this category it has the lowest heat value compared to other types of this material. In the process of making brown coal, it is usually not exposed to extreme heat and pressure, and therefore its calorific value is low.

How is Lignite Coal Formed?

After several stages of coal formation, primary coal with a low purity and quality percentage is formed. Then it turns into peat coal. Next, the peat dries and hardens under high pressure and here lignite coal is obtained. Also, with the passage of time, lignite turns into a type of coal, which is the most valuable type, namely anthracite.

Application of Lignite Coal

As you know, today various sources are used for energy supply and industrial purposes, and lignite coal is one of the main sources in electricity production and energy supply of countries. In advanced societies, half of the electricity is supplied by lignite. For example, 27.4% of Germany’s electricity is supplied by lignite, while in Greece more than 55% of its electricity is supplied by brown coal. Lignite is also used in greenhouses.

In general, lignite coal is known as one of the most useful materials around the world, and its largest coal reserves are located in America. The price of this material can be influenced by various factors, and the location of coal extraction, type of coal, quality of coal, packaging method, characteristics and features, supply and demand, etc. are among the most important factors affecting the price of this material.

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