Limestone has biological and chemical origins and its pure form is white. It is called limestone, which has at least 50% calcium carbonate in its structure. The rest of the structure and composition of limestone is composed of various materials, which can be metals or other materials and minerals.

Our company specializes in the supply and export of high quality limestone. Limestone is composed of the remains of oysters, algae, corals and carcasses and aquatic remains. But the formation of this material requires a suitable environment in terms of temperature, humidity and pressure. There are different types of limestone that are made in different environments with different materials. Limestone is soluble in water containing carbon dioxide and acids, and for this reason limestone is formed in most aqueducts and canals, as well as caves. Limestone is less resistant than igneous rocks but is more resistant than most sedimentary rocks.

Application of Limestone

Limestone is used for various purposes depending on its quality. It is used in agriculture and road construction to prevent the growth of weeds and unwanted plants. Limestone is also used in mines to illuminate the environment and increase security there. Also as a calcium supplement in livestock and poultry feed, all of its uses are lime and stone. Disinfection of sewage, paper, paint, rubber and other industries use lime and rock to move their cycles.

Types of Limestone

Limestone has various names that are done according to the origin of its formation, appearance and other factors of this type of naming. Some of the most common types of limestone are:

  • Quina: Cement limestone composed of limestone crust that is generally formed on the shores and has the same size.
  • Fossil limestone: As the name implies, it is made of internal or external limestone skeletons of fossils.
  • Lithography
  • Oolitic lime
  • Travertine: Limestone produced from vapors in caves in the form of narrow stalactite and stalagmite veins.
  • Tufa: Limestone produced in hot streams of calcium water.



Why Us?

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