Non-Toilet Soap

Soaps have many uses in our daily life. One of the soaps that are used a lot is non-toilet soap. In fact, non-toilet soaps are used to clean grease and hard dirt on clothes and anywhere else. These types of soaps have high efficiency and are very different from other types of soaps that are used for washing hands and face. They are also known as lithium soap. Sometimes this soap is used as a lubricant in greases and thickeners.

These types of soap consist of lithium salt of fatty acid, but toilet soaps are used in domestic cleaning.
lithium soaps are components of lithium grease that is formed by mixing lithium soap and oil. Therefore, if you are looking for a good and high-quality detergent product to remove hard grease or dirt stains, just order non-toilet soaps from BuildLand Company.

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