Nylon Mulch or Mulch Film

Mulch nylon or mulch film is one of the most widely used and consumed types of nylon in the market, which is prepared and produced from polyethylene. This type of nylon prevents the growth of weeds by preventing light from reaching the soil.
Placing mulch nylon on the soil prevents the light from reaching the soil and as a result, prevents the growth of weeds. Nylon mulch also keeps the soil warm and prevents the loss of water around the roots of the plants.

Advantages of Using Nylon Mulch:

  • Accelerate the growth process of products
  • Reduce the amount of irrigation
  • Preventing the release of nutrients from the soil
  • Increasing the quality of agricultural products
  • Prevent weed growth
  • Create enough space for plant roots to grow
  • Prevent soil erosion

Nylon mulch is divided and classified into three categories, Clear or Transparent Mulch Film, Black Mulch Nylon, White Plastic Mulch, and Colored mulch films. The main function of Clear or Transparent Mulch Film is to keep the ground warm and Black Mulch Nylon is to control weeds. Colored mulch films, which are a combination of clear and black mulch nylon, also play an effective role in keeping the soil compacted and controlling weeds.

Also, white plastic mulch causes sunlight to reflect after hitting it. The soil under the white plastic mulch is usually cool. The use of white plastic mulch is mostly used for growing summer crops. It should be noted that the thickness of nylon mulches is the determining factor of their quality and durability.

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