Nylon Cover Rolls

Nylon is one of the most famous polymers in the world, which is widely used in the packaging, agriculture, and construction industries. Nylon belongs to a group of synthetic polymers called polyethylenes. Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen are the constituent elements of nylons, which are abundant in nature. These elements are placed together and will have many applications by forming a material with flexibility. Nylons have a polymer structure and are produced in different grades.

Nylon rolls are generally used in the construction sector as a concrete cover, in transportation as protection for equipment and furniture packaging, and as a roof covering to prevent heat from escaping. Also, it is used as a protective material in agricultural industries to keep the air temperature constant to grow agricultural products.

So, for example, using nylon rolls on the roof and exterior will help control the temperature by almost 20%. The width of the nylon rolls produced in the first and second qualities is between 6 cm and 1000 cm, and its thickness is between 30 microns and 1000 microns. The width and thickness of nylons are determined based on the needs of each region and country.

There are different kinds of nylon such as;

1. Agricultural Nylon

2. Adhesive Backed Nylon

3. Laminated Nylon

4. Three Layer Nylon

5. …..

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Why Us?

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Nylon Products

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