Plastic Carrier Bags (Shopping Bags)

Plastic Carrier Bags (Shopping Bags)

Plastic Carrier Bags (Shopping Bags) are other widely used products that have different shapes, sizes, and types. These types of carrier bags are made of nylon and nylex.

One of the most widely used products in stores, supermarkets, as well as fruit and vegetable markets, is a nylex bag. Nylex bag is produced in different types, and it is used to carry food and fruit purchased. Nylex bags that have handles make it easier to carry things.

Nylon & Nylex Carrier Bags

Nylex is made from high-density polyethylene (or HDPE) material. If the material used in it is of low quality, it will not be suitable for carrying the goods and will not bear high weight and will tear very quickly. Therefore, the quality of raw materials is significant in making this type of carrier bag.

BuildLand Company is one of the leading companies in the field of exporting all kinds of Plastic Carrier Bags with high quality and reasonable prices all over the world.

Plastic carrier bags are produced and supplied in different sizes 45×55, 37×47, 30×40, 25×35, and 20×30.

Plastic carrier bags that are made of nylex are rough, which makes them produce a relatively loud sound when touched. Also, these types of carrier bags do not have the transparency of nylon and are opaque. But these properties have made Nylex able to bear very high weights. For example, supermarkets and fruit shops that have heavy products should use Nylex because no matter how high the weight of the product is, Nylex will not tear.

On the other hand, nylon material is soft and flexible and has transparency and bright color. By touching the nylon, its softness can be fully felt. But nylon is not suitable for uses such as vegetable and fruit shops, and we can refer to clothing stores, pharmacies and this category of businesses for the uses of this sample.

As it was said at the beginning, plastic carrier bags, whether they are made of nylon or nylex, have different shapes, each of which has its characteristics and uses, such as:

  • Plastic patch handle bag
  • Loop handle plastic bag
  • Plastic T-shirt bag
  • D-cut plastic bag

As mentioned in the above section, plastic carrier bags is one of the most widely used petrochemical products, and BuildLand Company is the leading company in the field of exporting and supplying petrochemical products such as plastic carrier bags. To order high-quality plastic carrier bags at an affordable price, contact BuildLand Company.


Why Us?

BuildLand Co. is one of the largest and most reliable companies in the field of supplying and exporting petrochemical products, including Nylon, Nylex, Agricultural nylon, Three-layer nylon, Plastic carrier bags, Plastic fruit box, Disposable food products, etc. which it exports to the whole world with the best quality and the most suitable price.

For more information on how to pay, product analysis and transporting the products, as well as issues related to international trade and the final price, you can contact us through the numbers which are available on the website or our social networks.

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