“Low heat generation and high compressive strength”
Portland cement type 1 (class 425) is usable in some structures when higher compressive strength is required. This type of cement is used as regular Portland cement for making mortar or concrete.
Portland Cement Type 1-425 minimum 28-day compressive strength is 425 kg/cm2. Another feature of this type of cement is a slow and continuous increase of strength and high ultimate strength that increase in speed of construction.
This type of cement is in the middle of the resistance type of Portland cement type 1, which has higher resistance than Portland cement type 2 and 1-325 by maintaining the chemical properties of type 2 cement. It is noted that its mortar or concrete has moderate strength in sulfated environments.

The physical and chemical properties of cement type 1-425 according to the national standard of Iran and the EN standard of this company are as follows:

Other Features of Portland Cement Type 1-425 are:

  •  No need to use a lot of cement to achieve stable concrete strength,
  •  Ability to make concrete more durable with this type of cement than cement type 1-325,
  •  Ability to mold earlier than cement type 1-325,
  •  Increase the speed of construction due to the high initial strength of concrete,
  • High ultimate strength.

This product is mostly used in general uses and normal weather conditions. It is highly recommended to be used in places where there is no problem with sulfate and chlorine and also there is a need for fast setting of concrete. Portland Cement Type 1-425 cannot be used in the construction of sidewalks, paving of roads, buildings and structures which require high strengths such as foundations, columns, bridges, and tunnels.
It should be noted that consumption of this type of cement is not allowed in sulfated and chlorinated environments. The use of this type of cement is controlled due to the high hydration temperature and should be used only in places where the destructive effects of sulfate are low.

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