Portland Cement Type 1-525 is in the third category of Cement Type 1 and is one of the building materials that has the highest compressive strength among other types of cement. This type of cement has high softening or bleaching properties. Mortar and concrete of this Portland cement type 1-525 has a medium strength in sulfate environment. On the other hand, increasing the specific surface area of this cement causes many physical characteristics of cement, especially compressive strengths of mortar and concrete to be greatly improved.

Portland Cement Type 1-525 has the following Specifications:

This type of cement has a very high specific surface area (Blaine). In terms of checking the grain size of cement, it has a maximum of 15% on a 32-micron sieve. This cement has a very high initial and final compressive strength compared to type 1-425 and cement type 2.

Another desirable feature of this cement is that the mortar and concrete made of this type of cement hardens quickly and on the other hand, it has a moderate sulfate resistance. It is noted that the properties of this cement are in accordance with national and international standards.

Application and Special Properties of Portland Cement Type 1-525:

  • It has the ability to penetrate into small cracks in concrete and stone, dam bed and bulk concrete bodies.
  • It is used to make prefabricated concrete parts and reduce maintenance and ancillary costs.
  • It has very high final compressive strength compared to type 1-425 and cement type 2.
  • It has the ability to accelerate concreting and molding operations.

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