Steel ball is another item that is used a lot in various fields. Steel balls are produced in different sizes and are used according to the type of application. The use of steel balls in industry can be mentioned as a connector between two metal objects. In fact, these balls are made of grade 20 hardened chrome and are lubricated as bearings to gently roll between the inner and outer metal rings as well as between objects that are joined together. Steel balls help reduce friction between metal objects, which can be improved in many applications.

Other uses for steel balls include spray cans. Here, bullets with a diameter of 8.3 inches or 10 mm, G-1000 are used. Steel balls should be used in proportion to their size to maximize their useful life. To further reduce friction, steel balls should be lubricated regularly and kept as clean and dry as possible.

Another type of steel ball is stainless steel balls that can be used in cold temperature, high pressure or magnetic conditions. This type of steel ball has a high resistance to corrosion or hardness and abrasion.

 Steel Ball Features:

  • Mainly used in bearings
  • Good hardness
  • Resistance to deformation and abrasion
  • Low corrosion



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