Stone is another building material that is naturally obtained from mines. Since prehistoric days, stone has been used to build various components of buildings such as foundations, walls, floors, roofs, etc. Building stones have a great variety and are produced in different forms.

Most ancient Indian temples and castles are built of stone. The crown (monument) of Victoria (Calcutta) is made of white marble from Rajasthan. Red Castle and Jama Masid (Delhi) are made of red sandstone from Agra.

So stone is widely used in the construction of various structures. Stones are widely used for the following:

  • Stone can be used as a ballast (broken stone) along the railway. It also can be used to make cement concrete for foundations, floors, hollow and solid blocks, artificial stones as well as reinforced cement concrete.
  • Stone can be used as a substitute for sand as crushed stone (stone dust).
    Stone can be used as a block in building construction, walls, columns, bridge supports and foundations.
  • Stone can also be used for the interior or exterior of buildings in need of architectural repairs.
  • Stone can be used as limestone, in the manufacture of lime, cement and in various other chemical processes.

Stone has different types such as:
• Quartzite
• Travertine
• Limestone
• Sandstone
• Basalt
• Marble

As you know, each type of stone has different construction applications based on its properties and characteristics. For example, there are certain types of rock, such as basalt or granite, which have a very high strength and durability and are resistant to pressure. For this reason, such stones are mostly used in construction work. However, there are rocks that are characterized by low compressive strength and the presence of harmful substances in their components. Therefore, these types of stones are mostly used in minor building works. Therefore, stones are used as building materials as well as for decorative purposes.

There are different types of stones such as basalt, marble, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, travertine, slate, gneiss, laterite and granite that can be used as building materials. The stones used for the construction of the building should be hard, durable, and free of soft stains affected by air, cracks and other defects that reduce strength and durability.
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