Three-Layer Bubble Nylon

As its name suggests, this type of nylon has air-filled bubbles and is used to protect products, especially breakable goods and electrical products, during transportation. In addition to being used in various industries, this type of three-layer nylon is used to transport household items and other things.

For example, to protect home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, breakable dishes, photo frames, valuables things, etc., when carrying home appliances, this type of nylon is used as barriers and bumpers between devices. So, furniture does not collide with each other and gets damaged during transportation.

Bubbles in three-layer nylon are produced in small and large sizes according to the needs of the consumer. The impact rate of nylons with a large bubble is higher than that of nylons with a small bubble. To prevent scratches on the products while moving, the nylons with a small bubble are suitable, but to prevent impact on the products, it is necessary to use nylon with a large bubble.

Among the applications of bubble nylons in various factories and industries are the wood packaging industry, the automotive industry and its related industries, factories and companies that produce household appliances, and institutions that operate in the field of packaging and transportation, glass industries, etc.

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