Three-Layer Nylon Shrink

Shrink nylon is another type of three-layer nylon that is produced at a specific temperature, and this product is used in small and large industries such as food industries, auto parts, household industries, glass wool, soft drinks, mineral water, tempered glass, stone Building facades, elevator doors, cartons, and many others are used.

Among the characteristics of nylon shrink, we can mention the non-permeability of moisture, lightweight, impact resistance, excellent flexibility, low hardness, and resistance to oil and grease. Also, this way of packaging makes the products more beautiful, and in addition to preventing dust, they give the product a more basic and stylish arrangement. Nylon shrink is made in plastic, bag, etc. in different dimensions and sizes according to the customer’s request.

Therefore, one of the most widely used types of nylons for packaging is shrink nylon, which is produced in one, three, and five layers. These nylons are made of polyethylene and are sensitive to temperature and become flexible and malleable against heat. Shrink nylons are completely covered around the product and after heating, it is absorbed by the product. Because different products have different volumes and dimensions, shrink nylons are custom-made in different dimensions.

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