Three-Layer Nylon or Multi-Layer Nylon

Nylon is one of the most widely used polymers and synthetic fibers in the field of packaging. This material is made in various types, each of which is produced in factories in different ways in terms of specifications and features such as length, width, thickness, and the number of layers. In terms of the number of layers, nylons can vary from single layer to multiple layers.

What is Three-Layer Nylon or Multi-Layer Nylon?

Three-layer nylon or multi-layer nylon is called nylon whose constituent film consists of three interconnected layers. These three layers cannot be separated from each other and basically, the middle layer of these nylons is different from the bottom and top layers in terms of color; the reason for this is that the three-layer nylon production machine has two Mardon cylinders.

Nylons normally completely cover the products and their different types can prevent impact, heat, dust, etc. Manufacturers of packaging nylons produce and supply 3-layer and 5-layer types of nylons to increase the efficiency of nylons in packaging. Three-layer nylons are used in various ways; For example, these nylons are used for sanitary and chemical purposes and all kinds of bags. Three-layer nylons can be a suitable alternative to ordinary nylons due to their high resistance to stretching and tearing.

Three-Layer Nylon Feature

Among the properties of three-layer nylons compared to ordinary types, the following can be mentioned:

  • It covers the materials well and prevents the penetration of air and moisture into them.
  • It has good resistance to heat, tearing and puncture.
  • It has excellent tear resistance.
  • It has excellent strength and durability.
  • It is more suitable for sewing and printing than normal types.

Types of Three-Layer Nylon

There are three-layer nylons in different types, including:

  • Three-layer nylon packaging
  • Three-layer stretch
  • Three-layer bubble nylon
  • Three-layer greenhouse plastic
  • Three-layer nylon shrink




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Three-Layer Nylon Products

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