Three-Layer Stretch Film (Nylon)

This product is one of the other widely used nylon products in various industries, which has a smooth surface, small diameter, good tensile strength, and high adhesion. The extraordinary performance, economic price, puncture resistance, and quality of this product have caused different types of nylon and stretch cellophane to be noticed in the packaging industry.

This polyethylene product is used in different ways for special applications, such as food stretch, furniture stretch, pallet stretch bands, etc., which is wrapped on different products and goods without the need for glue.

Using three-layer stretch nylon will make it easier to carry different products and prevent their possible damage. Because the production process of this type of nylon is sensitive, in addition to high-quality materials, advanced machines are also used in its production so that the final product has sufficient strength and quality. Therefore, three-layer stretch nylon has a very good resistance to heat, tearing and puncture.

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