Tiles are among the building materials that are widely used in building construction. Tiles are actually thin sheets or elements used to cover ceilings, floors and walls. Tiles make the interior and exterior of the building beautiful. Iran’s ceramic tile industry is ranked fourth in the world. This industry operates in Iran with a nominal production capacity of 561 million square meters.

Iran’s tile industry has cheap and abundant energy and raw materials along with local expertise that has its roots in history. Tiles are mostly made of materials such as clay or any form of mineral raw material. Today, tiles are also made from recycled materials, and that’s why such tiles are considered environmentally friendly. The shape of the tiles is obtained by various processes such as extrusion or pressing at room temperature or any other method. After shaping, allow to dry. These dried elements are exposed to fire.

There are many benefits of using tiles, which are mentioned below:

  • Tiles are compatible with nature
  • Tiles do not need care
  • Tiles are installed very easily and quickly
  • Tiles can be installed on a variety of surfaces
  • Tiles have a lot of variety
  • Tiles are economically viable due to their high strength and durability

There are different types of tiles that can be used according to your desired space (residential, commercial, store, building facade, etc.). Types of tiles are:

  1. Stone tiles
  2. Ceramic tiles
  3. Porcelain tiles
  4. Stained glass tiles
  5. Glazed tiles
  6. Sanitary tiles (toilet and bathroom accessories – such as: toilet, toilet bowl, toilet, bathtub, etc.)
  7. Mineral tiles
  8. Acoustic ceiling tile
  9. Third baking tiles (Islamic, miniature, etc.)
  10. Glass tiles
  11. Decorative tiles and colored bricks
  12. Digital printing tiles
  13. Anti-acid tiles



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