Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging

Today, for all industries that supply their products with packaging, the quality and durability of the product are very important. One of the ways to maintain the quality and increase the shelf life of products is to vacuum them.

The main purpose of vacuum packaging is to reduce the amount of oxygen in the packaging. This work reduces the growth rate of aerobic bacteria and also reduces oxidation reactions, and in this way, the shelf life of products, especially food, will increase for a long time. With this method, the quality of fresh food products is maintained without thermal, chemical, or refrigeration treatment that is used in the production of canned goods, frozen food packaging, dried food, etc.

Advantages of Vacuum Packaging

As we mentioned, vacuum packaging is widely used in the food industry and its advantages include:

  • Increasing the life of food products: vacuum packaging can increase the shelf life of the product by 50%. Vacuumed food can last two to three years in the freezer and up to two weeks in the refrigerator.
  • Preservation of taste and quality: Since food is packed in the absence of air, its moisture, texture, and taste are preserved. The nutritional value of the food is also fully preserved.
  • No need for preservatives: Many traditional food storage methods require chemicals and preservatives. Unlike them, vacuum packaging is done without the use of additives and preservatives.

Vacuum packaging is widely used in stores and food industries due to its unique properties.

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