White cement is another type of cement and is like gray Portland cement, but the only difference is in color and elegance. The color of this cement is determined based on the raw materials and its manufacturing process.

Specifications and Physical Properties of White Cement:

In the process of producing white cement, techniques and changes are used compared to the production of ordinary cement, which turn it into white cement. In fact, in the process of producing white cement, the amount of lime in the composition of white cement is more than gray cement. Also in this process, clay with less than 8% of iron and magnesium sulfate has been used. To increase the strength of white cement in the clinker crushing stage, gypsum powder is added to it. Other materials used in the structure of white cement are kaolin, feldspar, etc. instead of clay. White cement is mostly used in parts of the building that need to be painted in white.

Benefits of White Cement:

  • Due to the white color of white cement, its use in the facade of the building is less expensive.
  • If white cement is prepared and implemented properly, it is very durable and has high quality.
  • Preparation of white cement materials is easy and available.


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