Zinc metal has been used for centuries. One of the zinc metal products is zinc ingot. Zinc ingot is one of the most widely used and valuable products. Through a series of steps, zinc metal is transformed into zinc ingot.

What Is Zinc Ingot?

Zinc ingots are made through crystallization and other purification processes such as sublimation. Zinc ingot has many uses. In fact, due to its high corrosion resistance, it is used to protect steel products.

Features and Uses of Zinc Ingot

High strength and hardness, malleability, and malleability are among the characteristics of zinc ingots. Zinc ingots are used in the galvanizing process more than half of the zinc ingots are used in this process every year. Zinc ingots are used to make casting alloys and produce chemicals and acids.

This metal has found various uses in terms of practical properties such as corrosion resistance, electrochemical properties, low melting point, strength, malleability, high tensile strength, etc.

Advantages of Using Zinc Ingot 

  • A kind of commercial alloy with a low melting cost
  • Insensitivity to different degrees of cooling makes it possible to cast it with different processes.
  • The excellent castability of zinc ingots can provide the ability to produce thin sections and complex details from one piece.
  • Little shrinkage and less gas porosity
  • Very good corrosion resistance

Application of Zinc Ingot

Zinc metal is used in industries such as the production of household appliances, communication devices such as mobile phones and tablets, gable roofs, guide rails at intersections, and many other industries.


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