Nylex is one of the widely used products in various industries. Nylex is made of heavy polyethylene or HDPE. In terms of appearance, the Nylex material is dry, which makes it produce a relatively loud sound when touched.

Also, Nylex does not have the transparency of nylon and is a little more opaque, but these properties make Nylex able to bear very high weights. This is the reason why Nylex should be used in grocery stores and fruit shops and other trades that have heavy products, because no matter how heavy the product is, Nylex does not tear and only stretches.

Some uses of Nylex;

  • Disposable table cloths
  • Freezer bags
  • Single-use glove
  • Plastic bags for carrying fruit and food
  • ….

The Difference Between Nylon And Nylex

The difference between nylon and nylex in appearance

The most obvious difference between nylon and nylex is related to their appearance. Nylons are much softer, more transparent, and shinier products than Nylex. But nylex products are rough and have opaque color.

The difference between nylon and nylex in the material 

Nylons are produced from lightweight polyethylene and nylex from heavy polyethylene plus 20% light polyethylene.

The difference between nylon and nylex in application

Nylex has more strength to bear the weight of the load than nylons. It can be said that nylex may stretch, but they will not tear. The softness of nylons makes them used for food packaging in the freezer. It is worth noting that despite the differences, the production of some products can be done by both nylon and nylex. Freezer bags and garbage bags or single-use gloves are among these materials.

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Nylex Products

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